Lifedrop d.o.o. is a dedicated partner for all things green, serving both novice and seasoned gardeners. As one of the leading online retailers specializing in indoor and outdoor growing solutions, they have firmly established in the Adriatic Region. In 2023, they also expanded their horizons, venturing into other European markets.

Our partnership with Lifedrop d.o.o. started in 2018 when we embarked on a transformative journey to enhance their eCommerce ecosystem, initially on Magento 1. Since then, we have maintained a steadfast collaboration with their team, continuously working to elevate efficiency and the user experience.

When we first reach them we identified together three main areas which we will focus on.

  • Improve UX: Improve website speed and user experience through catalog search, catalog and checkout redesign.
  • Market expansion and differentiation: Our efforts extended to supporting Lifedrop’s expansion into new markets and differentiation of B2C and B2B business.
  • Automation:  Recognizing the importance of automation, we worked diligently to streamline various marketing and administration activities.


Project links:

Project main characteristics:

  • Multiple website setup for B2B and B2C markets.
  • Custom theme integration delivered by the customer.
  • Merchant admin UI customization to reflect the specific workflow of the company.
  • Standard and custom entities migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2.
  • Core newsletter system enhance and email automation to send automatic promotional emails based on user behaviour and activity.
  • CSV automated product data import and CSV data export.

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