Adobe Commerce / Magento
Custom Extension Development

Whether you need a custom payment gateway, personalized product recommendations, or seamless integration with third-party tools, we’ll make it happen.

A comprehensive approach to Adobe/Magento extension development:

Business needs discovery phase. In the initial stage the focus is on understanding and defining the specific business requirements. This involves comprehensive discussions with stakeholders to identify the needs, challenges, and goals of the project.

UX and UI prototyping. Once the business requirements are thoroughly understood, our team moves on to the user experience and interface design phase. Here we create a visual representation of how the custom extension will interact with users.

Extension development and testing. With the approved design prototype, the actual development of the extension begins. This phase involves coding and implementing the functionalities. We adhere to Magento best practices and coding standards to ensure the extension’s compatibility, scalability, and performance.

Extension maintenance. After the successful deployment of the custom Magento extension, the focus shifts to ongoing maintenance and support. This phase involves monitoring the extension’s performance and ensuring compatibility with Magento updates.

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