Custom Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce B2C or B2B store development

Start from scratch with our experienced e-commerce strategy team.

Before we start working on the project we offer you a detailed review of your current situation and prepare a detailed PROJECT PLAN and PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS. Our experienced design and UX team prepares a full USER JOURNEY flow both for DESKTOP and MOBILE experience. This phase finishes with a CUSTOM DESIGN

The most important and largest parts of the project are DESIGN DEVELOPMENT, Magento 2 implementation and all CUSTOM-MADE FUNCTIONALITIES.

Last but not least we take care of a smooth PROJECT LAUNCH.

Our extra offers

More info Speed optimization service for Magento / Adobe Commerce shop Many times the result of improper handling and maintenance of a Magento store is very slow performance. With our service package, we can help you quickly and rescue your Magento shop.
More info Security update service of your Magento / Adobe Commerce shop Is your store powered by an outdated Magento 2 version? Are you in doubt that your store is no longer secure? We can update your store to the latest and most secure version.
More info Magento 1 -> Magento 2 migration Still on Magento 1? Avoid security and performance problems. Get the latest what eCommerce has to offer.

Continuous development and long-term support for your Adobe Commerce.

The only constant in the e-commerce business is change. Continuous development means being ahead of your competition. It brings you smooth daily e-commerce functions, up-to-date technology and proven best practices, which will impact your future ROI.

Choosing the best partner for your e-commerce project may be a challenging task. Big companies do not always guarantee success, because they lack flexibility and complex tasks are often handled by inexperienced junior staff.

Our goal is to have an in-depth understanding of your problems and needs. We work with a limited number of clients in order to provide them with high-quality service with great attention to detail.

Not satisfied with your current project or online store? We can rescue it!

Has your e-commerce project fallen out of track with bugs and problems? We will assign you a dedicated and experienced team of developers to put your e-commerce business back on track.

We know how it feels. Sometimes Magento / Adobe Commerce stores cause serious problems or even stop working! We know from experience that this happens because of poor store maintenance (not up-to-date software), server configuration issues, low-quality 3rd party extensions or “extension abuse” (too many and/or low-quality extensions).

Our team will examine your online store and make a plan to improve it. Typically, we prepare a short-term rescue plan, immediately boosting your e-commerce performance. We also deliver a task list to improve your e-commerce in the long run.

Improve operation cost. Integrate your store with most systems.

Get into the market faster and reduce costs with Adobe/Magento full-system integration. We help you integrate your store with any backend systems (ERP, CRM, PIM, LOGISTICS, or other third-party systems).

With extensive experience as system integrators, we also help your e-commerce to reach its full potential. We help you integrate your online store with your ERP or CRM etc. We have experience with most common software such as Pantheon, SAOP NaVision, but we also worked with less common / custom software.

Nowadays the best companies use PIM for enriching product information, which has to be integrated with your store as well. We have experience with AKENEO and recommend it for your Adobe store. We can also automate your logistics services as well as label creation and online tracking.

Adobe Commerce / Magento online store audit and improvement

By experience we know that almost every online store has areas that can be improved. Most probably you are even not aware of them. Web store speed, mobile user experience, and poorly designed user flows are just some of the areas that typically need to be fixed.

It is important to understand that a high-performance e-commerce store is defined with many factors. The owner wants ROI. The store owner wants more orders and revenue. The marketer wants better conversion rates. The development/technical team wants clear code management and fast loading times.

In reality everything is connected and there is no magic wand to fix it all! Get ready to discover new e-commerce opportunities with our services – it always starts with website audit.

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