While it is certain that every online store owner does not want any issues or
potential disputes in the event of a breach of their Magento online store, leading
to downtime of the online store or even abuse of personal data.

Unfortunately, a very common practice with the Magento projects is for the online store to be set up and adjusted, but then to fail to regularly update and install security patches. However, after a long period of neglect it becomes increasingly difficult to update your online store to the latest version.

What does an updated online store contribute to?

  1. Increased security: By regularly installing the latest patches, we ensure that your website is fortified against security threats, protecting both your business and your customers’ data.
  2. Optimal performance and new functionalities: Installing regular updates provides your Magento online store with the latest functionality and improvements offered by Magento/Adobe, resulting in a better, faster, and more reliable online experience for your customers.
  3. Your peace of mind: If your online store is managed by experienced developers and regularly updated, you can rest assured that your online store is secure and functional, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

How can we help you?

We are confident in our knowledge, so we can also work with the existing state. Even if your Magento/Adobe online store is powered by a very outdated version, we are confident that with our knowledge and experience we can also upgrade your outdated online store. Of course, with more out-of-date versions more work and intermediate steps are required but it can still be done.


We verify the compatibility of installed 3rd party plugins.

If possible, we also upgrade the installed plugins and simultaneously resolve any issues and incompatibilities that arise with the new version.

In case no upgrades are available or if the change would be too demanding, only manual adjustment or troubleshooting can be performed to resolve issues that arise from the installation of the latest Magento version.


We update Magento to the latest version

If required, the upgrade is performed in multiple steps. Your platform is gradually updated to all intermediate versions until we reach the latest version.


Upgrades to all they key server services

Upgrading of server services such as PHP and MySQL versions also significantly affects faster and more secure operation.


We include your online store into our monitoring program

After completing the upgrades, we regularly monitor your online store. Every month we check the new features and upgrades that have become available during this time. In case of new upgrades, we will discuss the installation and implementation with you.

By regularly installing upgrades, we can avoid any further complications and increased maintenance costs.

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Let’s not forget that the improved and updated state can quickly revert back to an outdated platform. It is therefore crucial that an experienced development team also maintains your project in the future.

After the project is completed, we can provide maintenance of your existing online store, thereby providing for all further improvements, upgrades, while also ensuring that your store continues to function optimally and securely.

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