With time, the likelihood that your Magento online store will encounter
performance issues and/or slower operation increases. This becomes even more
likely if it is maintained and/or developed by a somewhat inexperienced team.

Moreover, slow performance of the online store has many negative effects on
your online business:

  1. The user experience deteriorates and/or the users become frustrated with the slow
  2. In turn, this reduces the conversion rate or likelihood of purchase.
  3. Search engines, specifically Google, increasingly penalize slow websites.
  4. Not to mention that the editorial or administrative work can also be slow, which affects the labor costs of your company.

Our team has been working exclusively with the Magento platform for over 10 years. During this time, we have set up and maintained numerous online stores, including functionally highly complex and large online stores with a large number of products, attributes, and categories.

Additionally, we are also experienced with the Adobe Commerce Cloud (Enterprise) service, which is also subject to operating specifics.

During this time, we have familiarized ourselves with the functionality, architecture, and database structure of the Magento/Adobe Commerce web platform in great detail and depth.

Only through thorough knowledge of the application and an experienced development team, can we tackle the optimization of the current performance and/or the ongoing maintenance of good functionality and hygiene of the online store.

Speed optimization of an existing Magento online store is carried out as follows:


Analysis of the current state of the online store with the preparation of a report

The client provides us with access data to the entire project. They provide us with access to the GIT repository and the database. Our developers set up the entire project in their test environment, as this is the only way to determine the project’s status and proceed with further steps.

The first step is then to make an overall assessment of the online store’s condition. We check the version of the Magento online store, while also making an inventory of all 3rd party plugins.


Code profiling to find the slow functions and/or bottlenecks in the code

In its basic setup without any extensions, Magento is a fast and stable platform. We often find that the key reason for the slow performance are the installed third-party plugins by other developers or perhaps poor implementation of own modifications.

After installing the entire project to the local environments of our experienced developers, a code functionality check is performed or a search for the so-called “bottle necks” for all key processes such as the homepage, product page, category page, filtering, and the entire cart/checkout process.

After reviewing all the key processes, we gain an overview of critical functions and/or modules of the code. Based on the report, we agree on the scope of work and carry out the resolution of the identified issues, restoring your online store to its original healthy state and/or restoring its fast operation.


MySQL query profiling

Poorly written code can also cause your database to be overloaded with excessive database calls or poorly executed queries that slow down database performance.

All MySQL calls running in the background are verified for all the key processes in the online store such as the homepage, product page, category page, filtering, and the entire cart/checkout process.

The goal is to identify slow or suboptimal MySQL queries. We often find that database calls performed by a piece of “custom code” lack properly set indexes, poorly executed “joins” with other tables, etc.

Our development team does its best to find a solution for all the suboptimal calls to correct and/or optimize them.


Assistance and/or consulting with server optimization

Server performance and its configuration are crucial for the fast performance of an online store.

In general, Magento/Adobe Commerce is a demanding platform that requires a lot of resources but also proper configuration of the actual server.

Larger online stores with high traffic however require the setup of an infrastructure that includes multiple interconnected and/or communicating servers (“cluster”).

With our many years of experience that also include infrastructure, we can advise as well as implement a better server environment for you.


Strategy for improved “Full Page Caching”

The Magento / Adobe Commerce platform comes with a built-in “Full Page Caching”, which allows for the storage of the entire content or HTML structure of an individual subpage. This significantly increases the delivery speed of individual subpages.

While this is a very powerful tool of the web platform, in many cases the management of this functionality is quite poor and inefficient.

Namely, a multitude of processes, running in the background of the online store, or certain kinds of editorial work lead to the fact that this caching is also being deleted on the fly, which is very bad.

The goal is for as many subpages as possible to remain in the “Full Page Cache” for as long as possible.

By reviewing the operation of the online store and the specific dedicated logs, we can check what causes and leads to unnecessary cache clearing and also resolve it.

We can also advise you as well as set up the “Full Page Cache Warmer”, which is a spider that will automatically warm up and fill your Full Page Cache on a daily basis.


Image optimization

Well-optimized images are key to fast performance of your online store. Large and unoptimized images can do more harm than good.

There are several ways to resolving image issues.

Changing image compression to the modern WebP format.

Implementation of “lazy loading” for all images not currently being viewed.

Additional caching and geographic image delivery by implementing of Cloud solutions.

By implementing all 6 steps we guarantee that your online store will function significantly faster, in turn also bringing you better business performance.

The entire speed optimization process can of course be adapted to the client’s wishes and specifics. If so agreed, only certain modules and/or steps that are most problematic for the client can be performed.

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Let’s not forget that the improved state can quickly revert back to the old slow performance. It is therefore crucial that an experienced development team also maintains your project in the future.

After the project is completed, we can provide maintenance of your existing online store, thereby providing for all further improvements, upgrades, while also ensuring that your store continues to function optimally and securely.

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