Italian company Ribilio which is one of the leaders in electronic cigarettes market and vaping market. They have launched a new product called KIWI, which is a technology and design innovation in electronic cigarettes.

Project goal was to develop a dedicated custom made eCommerce shop which will promote only these product in all the versions. Beside product presentation, next main goal was to offer an online multi step product registration form, which will be available to all product buyers.

Client delivered their own visuals with design files and also HTML, CSS, JS developed files of their custom made design. For the project we used Magento 2 platform and build a custom made shop from start to finish.

LINK of the project:

Our services:

  • Magento 2 platform installation and configuration
  • Implementation of custom made design to all Magento 2 processes
  • Custom plugin development for RMA which is integrated with Zendesk
  • Custom integration with client ERP for Invoice downloading in customer dashboard
  • Custom development of a multistep form for product registration which is integrated with their APIs and ERP

Multi Step Form for product registration

Client has a database of all serials numbers and each serial number is connected to the client email. Over API of the client Magento shop will receive all serial numbers and corresponding emails. All serial numbers are stored in separate tables in database.

These functionality will have two main features:

  1. Allowing customer to register their own KIWI products and show them in the customer dashboard. Allowing them to make further actions such as warranty claim and so on.
  2. Separate private dashboard for client resellers which will show a list and search for all serial numbers.


We have developed a multi step Magento form all in javascript. Each step has an own functionality and also many steps has standalone APIs calls for checking and retrieving data.

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