Optics Trade is well known and established web shop in the sport optics, hunting and shooting equipment industry. They are on the market and also our client since 2011, when we developed their first Magento 1 web shop.
After that, they have been exponentially growing every year and currently with more then 5 mio of online revenue.

When Magento 1 was approaching end of life, we have started to develop their new Magento 2 webshop. These project was quite a challenge because of many custom made functionalities and plugins that have accumulated over the years in their original Magento 1 shop.

With the project we had 3 main goals:

  1. Develop everything and all the functionalities from the old Magento 1 shop
  2. Make it even better and more user friendly than the old shop
  3. Page Speed was our main focus.


Optics Trade webshop consists of several brands such as Optics Trade, Hunting Trade, Reloading Trade, B2B, and so on. They have a multi website webshop.

Curently we have migrated to the new Magento 2 platform just two web stores such as Reloading Trade and B2B.


LINK of the project:  www.reloading-trade.eu

How we improved Magento 2 speed?

Magento 2 at that time was not known as fast platform. Specially frontend with the Knockout Javascript framework.

What we did?

  • We get rid of the Knockout framework. We have replaced Knockout with far more fast Alpine JS framework.
  • We have to rewrite all javascript components to use Alpine JS.
  • We have removed biggest 3ht party javascript libraries such as jQuery. We are developing all vanilla javascript components.
  • Magento 2 code optimization with profiling tools
  • Fast server hosting on powerful cluster

Beside focusing on great user experience and speed optimization, our developing team had a great challenge to develop many advanced custom made functionalities. Project had a long task list with many specific and tailor made functionalities, but lets expose some of the most challenging one.

Questions & Answers with the Community Upload section

Every product page has a dedicated section for the questions and answers from the community and also a section where users can upload images or videos for that specific product.

These q&a section allow users to share their experience with that specific product or just ask specific questions regarding the product. Both community or client themselves then has the opportunity to answer on those questions and create a great discussion about that specific product.

These is both great for helping other visitors to understand better the product and also it is very useful for content generation for Search Engine Optimization.

Visitors has also option to like and share most relevant and useful answers which will allow to better rang the most helpful questions or answers.

Auto cross-sell and up-sell product relations

One of the advantages of Optics Trade webshop is a huge selection and a variety of products. But in some cases these can be also a big editorial challenge, specially when linking products together so you can offer to the clients relevant similar and complementary products.

Manual selection of up-sell and cross-sell products is almost impossible with a so big catalogue. For these reason, with the collaboration with the client we have developed a functionality which allow to create specific up-sell and cross-sell rules that automatically link product together.

Rules can be set up really accurate with many conditions, which allow to automatically generate both cross-sell and up-sell products which are relevant and with high level of conversion.

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